Types of Weaves + Apertures


Types of Apertures


Square Aperture
Rectangular "Oblong"
Rectangular "Broad"
Zero Aperture "Filter Cloth"


Types of Weaves - Square, Oblong, Broad


Plain Weave
Twilled Weave, 4-bonded
Twilled Weave, 5-bonded, EGLA 5, Satin Twilled Weave
MULTIPLEX, Twilled Weave, 4-bonded
Double Intermediate Crimp Screen, Type C
Lock Scrimp Screen, Type D
Flat Top Screen, Type E
Pressure Welded Screen, Type F


Types of Filter Cloth


SPW Single Plain Dutch Weave
SPW with Double Warp Wires
HIFLO High Capacity Filter Weave
DTW Dutch Twilled Weave
BMT Broad Mesh Twilled Dutch Weave
BMT-ZZ, Zig-Zag
RPD Reverse Plain Dutch Weave
TRD Twilled Reverse Dutch Weave

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