MINIMESH® metal filter cloth has been used as a filtration media for over 100 years. It is characterised by its trouble-free production, easy maintenance and long lifespan. The geometric filter structure is completely uniform throughout the entire area when compared to fibre-based filter materials made of paper, plastic or metal. Due to the metallic material used, wire mesh filters have high mechanical strength, good temperature resistance, wettability and are extremely resistant to chemical and physical influences. MINIMESH® filter cloth is used for filtration, fluidising, drying, screening and for various thermal, electronic and acoustic applications. It is also suitable for use in all conventional fabrication processes.


The best materials for the best woven mesh.

In addition to so-called “open” weaves with square or rectangular openings as fine as 20 μm aperture, there are also a variety of filter weaves offering a micron retention in the fine micron range. MINIMESH® is predominantly made of stainless steel, for example 1.4301, 1.4306, 1.4401 and 1.4404. Other materials can be used as per customer request, providing they conform to the pre-requisite metallurgical properties for extremely fine wire. You can find more information about special alloys and non-ferrous NE metals in our POROSTAR Filter Elements brochure (P 55) and Materials for Woven Wire Cloth (P 43).

Minimesh Types of Weave

SPW, Single Plain Dutch Weave
SPW, with Double Warp Wires
HIFLO, High Capacitiy Filter Weave

DTW, Dutch Twilled Weave
DTW, with Double Warp Wires
BMT, Broad Mesh Twilled Dutch Weave
BMT ZZ, Zig-Zag
RPD, Reverse Plain Dutch Weave
TRD, Twilled Reverse Dutch Weave

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